Tata Zest Overview If you look at the top selling car models in India, four of them belong to Maruti Suzuki, three come from the second biggest passenger car maker in India, Hyundai, while Honda has two of its products in the list, too. That leaves just one more step to complete the top-ten stack – it’s the Mahindra Bolero that slots itself at fifth position (according to June, 2014 sales figures). Interestingly, the cars that represent the sub-compact sedan segment from each of the manufacturers make the list – Maruti Dzire, Honda Amaze, and Hyundai Xcent. So you can imagine the kind of potential that the sub-4 meter segment has. It is this lure of numbers that forced Tata[…]

When it comes time to discuss whether your child is eligible for services, keep in mind the two main requirements he needs to meet: A. He has to have a “disabling condition” that fits into one of the 13 categories of disabilities defined by IDEA and your state’s regulations. B. The disability has to have an “adverse effect” on his education. Some cases are clear. The child has a specific learning disability or attention issue. It’s affecting his ability to learn in the regular classroom, and the team agrees he’s eligible.For Educational Evaluations in US visit UT Evaluators. Other cases aren’t that simple. Even though IDEA clearly outlines the 13 categories, it doesn’t list all the issues that fall into[…]

You’re never too young to start a business. Business ideas pop into the minds of people of all ages. Well, didn’t we all attempt to make a quick buck when we were younger by selling something to our siblings, friends or parents? So if you’re reading this and you’re young then I hope this encourages you to not only consider any business ideas you may have but also to pursue them. After all, start-ups don’t start unless someone starts them. June in South Africa is considered a month where we celebrate our youth. One reason we should celebrate the youth of today is because their tenacity and ambitions are inspiring. Someone slightly older may suffer from analysis paralysis when contemplating[…]