Datsun Go Plus Test Drive in Mumbai

Datsun GO+ Overview

Dastun Go+ MPV is the first ever compact MPV from Datsun in India. This car comes in a total of four trim levels with a petrol engine under the hood. GO+ is a stretched version of the GO hatchback that aims to provide more style, more seats, better power and more practicality. The multipurpose vehicle (MPV) segment is one of the most looked after segment in India. Most of the vehicles in this segment come with 7-8 seater options, which sadly, Go+ doesn’t provide. Go+ MPV is essentially a 5+2 seater vehicle, with the rear 2 seats essentially being child seats.Check for Datsun GO+ price in Hyderabad at Autozhop.

Datsun GO+ Exterior & Look

The one thing that you immediately notice about the 2018 GO and GO+ is that both cars now look a whole lot better than before. It’s not a distinctive change, but just enough to make you appreciate it a little more. The grille is now bigger than before and, along with the strong creases on the bonnet, the car look more imposing. The headlamps too have been refreshed but continue to feature conventional bulbs. Complementing this look is the new bumper which features a lot of sharp creases towards the sides. It also houses new vertically stacked LED DRLs, which is further highlighted by the black surrounds.

From the side, both cars look almost identical to the previous versions. However, both cars get a couple of minor changes to make then easier on the eyes. The ORVMs now get a body-coloured casing, while the wheels are now dual-tone diamond-cut alloys. Not just that, they are bigger and wider – 165/70 R14 when compared to the older 155/70 R13 wheels – and look even better.

The Datsun GO and GO+ now look better from the rear as well. The creases on the bumper towards the edges help accentuate the width of the car. The bottom crease of the bumper, which looks like a lip extension, is a neat touch. Additionally, you also get a rear windscreen washer and wiper as well.Overall, there is a definite improvement in the way the duo looks. The updates make both cars appear more premium and will appeal to a larger majority.

Datsun GO+ Interior & Space

The inside feel of the cabin is not premium justifying its affordable price tag. The trims and designs have been kept very basic concentrating more on functionality than aesthetics.What comes straight from Infiniti, luxury division of Nissan, are spinal support front seats. These seats have individual support points for the pelvis and the chest thus cancelling the stress causing by bending moments. In terms of features, it gets a MDS – Mobile Docking Station mounted on the front dashboard. It looks simple but has its high points considering Indian consumers are fast moving towards smartphones. There is a USB charging slot and an AUX input which can pair with a smartphone and play music, navigate or even take calls depending on the features of the Smartphone.For more info on Datsun GO+ check Basna

The driver gets a big three spoke steering wheel which offers adequate grip. The instrumental cluster has an analogue speedometer and a digital tachometer. It also shows information on average fuel consumption, low fuel warning and distance to empty. To help reduce fuel consumption it also comes with a gear shift guide which aids the driver to shift gears at correct engine speeds.The gear stick has been smartly shifted from the floor to the dashboard. It is very conveniently positioned and is in very easy reach of the driver. The change in position of the gear stick makes the seating very spacious. But on the flip side it keeps touching the knee of taller front passengers.

The base variants will get plain fabric upholstery while the premium variant gets Jacquard fabric upholstery which has a special pattern on it. The seats are bench type and Datsun claims that the front seats have been specially designed to keep the fatigue level low. The rear seats have a flat rear support and can do with some more cushioning. Both row seats come with integrated headrest. The third row seat, which is the main reason for the Go+ to qualify into an MPV is best suited for luggage bags primarily followed by younger beings as it is impossible for an average sized adult to fit in this zone.

Being a Japanese soul, the Go+ gets lot of practical spaces for storing mundane articles. Front door pockets can hold 1.5 litre bottles while the rear doors don’t get similar options. Fold the third row seat and you can free up to 347L of boot space, enough for the weekend.

Datsun GO+ Engine & Gearbox

Both the Go and the Go+ is still powered by the same 1198cc three cylinder petrol motor as the old car. Making identical 67bhp and 104 Nm torque as before, we expected it to perform similar to the old car. But to our surprise that wasn’t the case and it actually felt slower. At low engine speeds there isn’t much torque and this motor hesitates below 2000rpm to gain momentum quickly. Mid-range is where it feels the best but still it doesn’t feel as effortless as a 1.2-litre motor in a light car should. As a result to get the most out of this motor you have to do a lot of gearshifts, which brings forth it’s another drawback. The gearbox is notchy and you have to put in a lot of effort to shift. Even the gates aren’t well-defined and this gearbox doesn’t like quick shifting.

Despite its budget credentials the ride quality on the Go and Go+ is actually quite good. It mostly feels supple and the dampers do a good job of keeping the car settled even on uneven road surfaces. Where the Go struggles a bit is over sharp bumps where the suspension tends to crash and at highway speeds there is some up and down motion over undulating surfaces. At slow speeds the Go or the Go+ is extremely easy to drive thanks to the great visibility and light steering. But it isn’t a sporty car and it rolls quite a bit when you start cornering enthusiastically. It not having an antiroll bar doesn’t help its cause, nor does the steering which isn’t direct and has quite a bit of dead-zone around the centre ahead position. Drive it in an unhurried manner, then the Go feels well planted with safe and predictable manners. The brakes do a good job of stopping the car and the added safety net of standard ABS boosts confidence further.

Datsun GO+ Ride & Handling

Both cars get a 10mm (180mm) bump in ground clearance thanks to the larger 14-inch wheels. This has also lead to a slightly different suspension setup, which, in this case, is better than before. The suspension takes on speed breakers and undulations with ease, cushions you well. This characteristic is even retained at higher speeds, as the car remains stable over broken roads and bad patches. What’s even more impressive is that both cars are quick to settle down after hitting a pothole or bump. At triple digit speeds, both cars feel a bit bouncy, but that’s something which is common across this category of cars.Check car loan for Datsun GO+.

Although engine noise is better insulated than before, the floorboard insulation still feels lacking as even the smallest pebble hit makes a sharp noise inside the cabin. Overall, the NVH levels have been improved to a point where it is now acceptable.As far as handling is concerned, both cars are best suited for city use. The steering is light and lets you make quick turns or u-turns in traffic. However, the feedback from the unit feels a bit vague at high speeds and sudden lane changes doesn’t inspire much confidence. A slightly heavier steering would have gone a long way to help with that. Body roll never becomes an issue inside the city, but you will feel it in the GO+ on the highways.

Datsun GO+ Safety & Security

Safety has been a major concern for buyers looking at the Datsun GO duo. After receiving dismal scores in crash tests, Global NCAP had deemed the structure of both cars unstable and unfit for further loading. However, Datsun seems to have pulled up its socks and has worked on improving the structural strength of the car, adding about 150kg of weight in the process. As a result, the updated models now meet the upcoming crash test norms in India. You even get dual front airbags, ABS (anti-lock brakes) with EBD (electronic brakeforce distribution), BA (brake assist), rear parking sensors and follow-me-home headlamps as standard throughout the range .

Datsun GO+ Price in Hyderabad

Datsun Go Plus On Road Price is 4,60,279/- and Ex-showroom Price is 3,83,000/- in Hyderabad. Datsun Go Plus comes in 6 colours, namely Blue,White,Ruby,Gold,Silver,Grey. Datsun Go Plus comes with FWD with 1198 CC Displacement and 3 Cylinders with Maximum Power 67 bhp@5000 rpm and Peak Torque 104 Nm@4000 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at N/A . Datsun Go Plus comes with Manual Transmission with FWD .

Datsun GO+ Verdict

The Datsun Go and Go+ should cost around Rs 30,000 more than the outgoing car and considering the amount of extra equipment on offer it comes across as a good deal. The fact that they have improved on the shortcomings of the old car and seem to have addressed safety issues thanks to structural changes and by giving airbags and ABS as standard, makes it a more peace of mind buy. The Go or Go+ works if you want a car that is well equipped, has a big boot and is more practical that any hatch at this price. But even now, it doesn’t feel as premium as some of its competitors like the Tata Tiago or the Maruti Celerio. Then there is the engine and gearbox combo, which doesn’t come across as well engineered as it should in a car that is coming out in 2018.

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