Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Price in India


         Expensive, inefficient, and sluggish- these are just a few

of the terms commonly associated with automatics. However, this trend

is fast changing and a big contributor in bringing this change in

perception has been the AMT or the Automated Manual Transmission

technology. Maruti took the first step and brought in the Celerio AMT.

At just a premium of 50k over the standard manual and with no loss in

performance or fuel efficiency, the Celerio AMT was quick to garner a

considerable popularity. A year after the successful introduction of

the Celerio AMT, Maruti, once again, gave us the cheapest automatic

money could buy in the form of the Alto K10 AMT (Now the second

cheapest due to the advent of Nano GenX AMT ). The Alto K10, with the

1.0 litre K series motor, has always been a fun little hatch. So how

good is it with the 5-speed AMT? Read what we think about this entry

level automatic in our Maruti Alto K10 AMT review here.




        The Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 is 125mm longer and 55 kgs heavier then its F8

sibling, which is something you won’t really notice, what you would

however notice is the new headlights, grille, bumper, fog lamps,

mirrors and tail lamps. Although all this is nothing revolutionary, it

is a welcome change considering the company had a price target to

meet. The Alto K10 looks modern with these changes, but does not

really stand out of the crowd (which the Beat does). Door mouldings

and body coloured bumpers gel well with the overall design of the car.

A chrome strip now runs on top of the front grille, which is now

larger.The full wheel cover design seems to have been inspired from

the Swift wheel cover. They look decent.The rear tail lamp design seem

to have some sort of inspiration from the Chevrolet Spark.




          Where the Alto K10 is vastly different from the Alto 800 is

the interiors. While both cars have similar AC vents (side ones), the

dashboard is as different as chalk and cheese. The Alto K10’s

dashboard is a nice unit which looks quite attractive and gets piano

black finish on the centre console and some silver inserts for a

sporty feel. The cabin is a dual-tone unit that adds airiness and

quality inside is good although there are some rough edges which

aren’t glaringly obvious at first sight. The way the centre console

has been designed makes the Alto K10’s dashboard look wider than it

actually is. The 3-spoke steering is nice to hold and the car gets

front power windows, buttons for which are unconventionally placed in

the centre, there are no rear power windows


         The manual variant of the Alto K10 gets a cubbyhole and

cupholders in front of the lever but in the AMT variant, this is

missing as the lever takes more space. The car gets a smart hook next

to the glovebox for hanging small things. The instrument cluster is a

funky looking unit (Maruti calls it speedy finish) with a nice design

having red markings and white fonts. There is a display under the

speedometer which carries twin trip meters, odometer, gear indicator

(AMT) fuel meter and time. The right side on the console has tell-tale

lights and as they don’t blink all the time, the meter looks a bit



       The Maruti Alto K10 is the premium version of the Alto but

isn’t loaded with a ton of features to boast about. Bluetooth is

absent which comes as a surprise because the world’s cheapest car, the

Tata Nano has it. The audio system offers CD, USB and AUX functions

and sound quality is strictly average. None of the Alto’s seats come

with adjustable headrests and due to the narrow cabin, it’s best to

seat two at the rear and not squeeze in three. The front seats are

quite comfortable and although the Alto K10 carries the same wheelbase

as the Alto 800, rear seat legroom is better thanks to the scooped

front seat back, resulting in thinner front seats (one can at times

feel the knees of the rear passenger on his back). Still legroom is

just average while headroom is adequate. Boot space is decent for a

car of this size.




        The Maruti Suzuki K10‘s claim to fame has always been its engine. The

K-series all aluminium 998cc motor was an easy revving, potent and

fuel efficient one. On the new K10, this engine has been honed

further. The engine is now lighter, there’s less friction and it is

mated to a new 5-speed gearbox. Maruti claims a significant

improvement in fuel efficiency. The K10 has an ARAI specified fuel

economy of a 24.07kmpl. Now it only makes 68PS but when you factor in

its weight of just 755kg, you know this isn’t going to be a boring car

to drive. And it isn’t! The engine does get noisy when revved but it

doesn’t hesitate no matter how hard you push it and the gear shifts

are easy and precise




         The benefits of the new engine-transmission pack coupled to

the strengthened underpinnings show to good effect when out on the

road. The car rides very assuredly and there is none of the hip-hop

associated with the rear end dancing on slightly rough surfaces on a

light car with rudimentary suspension. What we have here is one sorted

out package which delivers miles and smiles with gusto. The punchy

manner in which the car drives out of corners and over hilly roads is

a delight and the sensory delights from the cable actuated

transmission system (the Alto F8D employs a link-type shift actuator)

are a bonus. For the record, the transmission is from the same family

as employed in the A-Star but with obviously revised ratios of course

for duty in the Alto K10. The torque is just right at the correct

shift points and makes for a car which provides brisk progress

whenever you want it and whatever be your style of motoring. In many

an occasion this sort of performance made me think about the original

Suzuki Zen which was just as perky and fun to drive




        At an ex-showroom price of just 4 lacs, the Alto K10 AMT

oozes practicality. It is no longer the cheapest one around with the

Tata Nano coming in at a lakh less, but it is definitely more upmarket

and comes with a very peppy 1.0 litre motor.  It may not be as

dynamically sorted or as good looking as we would have liked it to be,

but it does make those long daily commutes that much easier without

the usual cost of owning an automatic being reflected in your bank

balance. Kudos to Maruti for plonking the 1.0 litre K-Series motor in

the Alto and coupling it with the 5-speed AMT! The Alto K10 AMT is

surely among the most sensible hatchbacks around.  Thus car will not

win many traffic-light GPs, it won’t encourage you to attack corners,

and it will not turn many heads either. But it will keep your left

foot happy and make those boring daily commutes through jam-packed

roads that much easier, without burning a big hole in your pocket.

Practical and peppy, the Alto K10 impresses!


Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Ex Showroom Price in New Delhi ranges from 3,27,090/- (Alto K10 LX) to  4,12,762/- (Alto K10 VXI AGS Optional) .Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 has 10 Variants of Petrol are available in India. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 comes in 6 colours, namely Tango Orange,Silky Silver,Fire Brick Red,Granite Grey,Superior White,Cerulean Blue.

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