With no doubt, we can say hair transplant is handy in bringing the lost shine of the face but have you ever thought of the possible side effects of the hair transplant. How risky the side effects of hair transplant are for you. So, in this article, we will be looking into the different hair transplant side effects which you must be aware of.

By definition, we understand that Hair Transplant is the surgical method in which the hair follicles from the donor’s site is taken and is implanted in the balded area, known as the recipients’ side. Generally, the dermatologist informs about the possible side effects which the patient might experience, way before the treatment but their lies a risk about the severity of that side effect. If the patient takes the proper care and follows all the precaution tips given by the dermatologist, then there is no need to worry about the hair transplant side effects, as they will come and go.

The possible side effects of hair transplant are as follows:


This is a quite a rare type of side effect which the patient might experience. This possibility of infection is seen in one of a thousand cases. The common reason observed behind such kind of side effects is the poor care of hair and dirt. But there is no need to worry as infections can be easily handled by the antibiotics.For more details Visit Personiks Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad, to know more about Hair Transplant cost & procedure.


Quite rare, but persistent bleeding is the feasible side effect of hair transplant which a patient can experience. Some of the bleeding types can be easily handled with simple pressure whereas, in the case of persistent bleeding, stitching is the most suggested option.


This is one of the most common side effects of hair transplant which the patient might experience after a hair transplant. Itching is quite common but in some cases, it can be very severe when a proper care is not taken. The general reasons observed behind itching is the formation of scabs. One can prevent the issue of itching by regular shampooing or with the use of moisturizing oils.

Temporary Thinning

Most of the time, the patients are seen complaining about the hair fall after the hair transplant. Hair fall of the implanted hairs is quite common, so one should not worry about it. The implanted hair and pre-existing will start to fall after the hair transplant but this is not permanent as the new hairs will start to grow in a couple of months after the hair transplant surgery.


A cyst is a situation in which the implanted hair follicles start to affect the health of your skin by pushing deep into the layers of the skin. In the case of cysts, you will get to see a pimple sized lumps but they are mostly gentle and kind. In most of the conditions, the cysts disappear with time but still, there is a danger associated with cysts. So, one should consult with the dermatologist as soon as they get into a situation like cysts.


The most common side effect of any procedure. Pain is a temporary side effect of the hair transplant and will vanish with the healing of scalp.


Scarring is the side effect which you should be worried about. Scarring is generally experienced by the patients who have undergone the hair transplant by strip plantation method.


Out of every 100 patients, 5 of them are seen complaining about hiccups, just after the surgery. The problem of hiccups can reside for hours or even for a few days. This side effect of Hair Transplant can be easily handled by medicines and diet.To know more information on Hair Transplant surgery check Ogequipment


The problem of numbness is certain at the donor’s side for a period of about 18 months. If the issue of numbness is not debugged after the period of 18 months, the patient must consult with the doctor about this.


Swelling after the hair transplant is rare. It can affect and can be observed on the forehead and on the area surrounding your eyes. In such a situation, the patient must pay a visit to the clinic as with time swelling can raise the risk of the black eye.

These are some of the possible Hair Transplant Side Effects which you must be aware of. If you face any kind of such issue, an immediate consultation with the dermatologist is recommended. Hope you enjoyed reading, do share your valuable feedback in the section provided below.

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