Volkswagen Ameo Price in Mumbai

Volkswagen Ameo Overview

The Ameo debuted in the sub-four-metre car sedan segment in 2016. It was exclusively tailored to fit in the Indian market for the customers to reap tax benefits, however, a report states that the Volkswagen Ameo would probably be discontinued by the first quarter of 2020.”We will not do any products like the Ameo. The Sub-four metre sedan is a very, very tricky product. It works only when the hatch that it’s based on, is significantly below four metres (in length), otherwise, the aesthetics of the car won’t work,” said Gurpratap Boparai, head of Volkswagen Group India. “Nobody makes a global car to fit a length,” he further added.

The Ameo rivals the Ford Aspire which managed a sales number of 1,539 units last month. Whereas the Hyundai sold 2,121 units of the Xcent, and Honda sold 7,981 units of the Amaze in the month of January 2019. The segment is lead by the Maruti Suzuki Dzire which sold 19,073 units. In contrast, Volkswagen sold only 735 units of the Ameo which is only 3.85 per cent of the sales number of the segment leader.The Volkswagen Ameo is likely to be discontinued because of a poor sales number and low demand. This move seems to be part of the Volkswagen India 2.0 strategy which will be lead by Skoda. The ‘India 2.0’ is an initiative to locally produce cars at the company’s Chakan plant, which could result in lowered prices.View offers on Volkswagen Ameo in New Delhi at Autozhop.

Volkswagen Ameo Exterior & Look

The Ameo looks identical to the Polo and Vento from the front. This is a good thing since it thus gets the ‘family face’ but on the flip side I was disappointed that there’s nothing to distinguish it from other Volkswagens. There’s subtle differences though, but they are so minute, I learnt about them only during product presentations. For instance, 35mm of the Polo’s front overhang has been reduced, which enabled Volkswagen to add length to the rear, since that’s where it matters more.

So the front bumper is shorter than the Polo’s, but that’s hard to notice. Also, if you look carefully, the Ameo’s front bumper is creased above the fog lamps, which isn’t the case with the Polo. The front wheel arches and 15-inch wheels are the same as the Polo, but the car is different from the A-pillar onwards. The roofline has been lowered by 50mm to make it look proportionate to the rest of the car. Major changes obviously are the back, especially with the distinctive design of the tail lights, which along with the lines on the bootlid attempt at giving the rear a wider appearance, along with the pronounced ‘lip’ for the lid.

The rear looks more proportionate than some of the cars in the segment, particularly the Swift Dzire, though the rear could have looked sportier. There’s some interesting cues though, such as the laser welded roof which looks a lot classier than other cars, more expensive ones included. The paint has a nice even sheen to it, which gives the Ameo a more premium feel. On the whole, this is a well-executed design.

Volkswagen Ameo Interior & Comfort

It is, as expected, exactly the same as the Polo on the inside, and that’s a very good thing indeed. Material quality is just miles ahead of everything else in the segment, and though the design has been around for quite a while now, it’s restrained, and so it’s aged well, just like the exterior. Big, clear dials, a sporty flat-bottom steering wheel and well-crafted switchgear are the highlights here. The front seats are really nice and supportive, and though there’s no leather upholstery like you get on some rivals, the fabric quality is good enough to have come from a few segments up.To know more info on Volkswagen Ameo  check Basna

The rear seat is unchanged from the Polo, and that was never the hatchback’s strong point to begin with. Headroom and thigh support in the Ameo are not too bad, but legroom is a fair way short of what you get in most of the competition, and it’s not too wide either. You also don’t get a rear armrest, but what you do get instead is a rear AC vent, something that was exclusive to the Hyundai Xcent until now.

While on the topic of equipment, again, this is not something VW has been traditionally known for. In the Ameo, however, the carmaker has gone all out, to the point that it is just about the best equipped car in the class. Things like auto climate control, an electronic day-night rear view mirror, that rear AC vent, wing mirror indicators, a reversing camera and sensors are things we’ve seen before in the segment, but VW has thrown in some unique and really cool features for the Ameo. Automatic wipers, one touch, anti-pinch windows at all four doors, cruise control and window operation from the key fob are all great touches. And though the infotainment screen is a bit small, it is a touchscreen and features the likes of Bluetooth, USB, SD card reader and Mirror Link. And, as with all VW cars, two airbags and ABS are standard.

The 330-litre boot is 77 litres short of the segment best, but with the Polo as a starting point, that’s as good as could have been expected. It’s well shaped and the loading aperture is wide but it’s interesting to see how VW has finally resorted to cost cutting – there’s no cladding on the inside of the boot lid like in the Vento.

Volkswagen Ameo Engine & Transmission

The downsizing of the drivetrain is the easiest way forward to cut down emissions significantly. Volkswagen for one, definitely understands that as the group hasn’t shied away from downsizing engines even in their cars from the premium Audi and Porsche line up. On a much smaller level here in India, it silently replaced the 1.2 naturally aspirated petrol engine in the Polo and the Ameo with a 1.0 MPI engine that had debuted at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. This engine belongs to the EA211 family of engines from Volkswagen – which includes some peppy direct-injection turbocharged four-cylinder engines, and some frugal, naturally aspirated three-cylinder mills. The 1.0l petrol engine in the Ameo we have here belongs to the three-cylinder kind.

Crank it up and you will instantly notice the vibrations in the pedals and a thrum at idling rpm, both of which are inherent to three-cylinder engines. The vibrations get more pronounced till 1,500rpm, after which everything smoothens out by a fair margin. Volkswagen makes this 1.0l engine in three states of tune ranging between 60PS to 116PS. The one that does duty in the Ameo resides right in between with its 75PS/95Nm output.

While the power figure is on par with that of the outgoing 1.2, there is a 15Nm drop in peak torque. Despite the torque deficit though, there is hardly any noticeable difference in overall drivability. It’s claim to fame is its lightweight aluminium architecture that translates into higher fuel efficiency. With a 0-100kmph time of 16.9s, it isn’t exactly an eager engine – far from it. But it’s forte is city commuting and lazy highway cruising. To that effect, it also gets a cruise control system which works quite well for our legal speeds. Cruising between 80-100kmph in fifth needs between 2,500-3,000rpm. At city speeds, you will often find yourself driving between 1,800-2,500rpm. The relaxed nature of the engine translates into excellent fuel economy. Our tests show almost 14kmpl in the city and over 20kmpl on the highway – which makes the Ameo 1.0 MPI a frugal runabout and more fuel efficient than the 1.2 it replaces.

The engine is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox and the shift gate now follows a more popular layout with the reverse gear selector slotted after the fifth. The gearbox still has a springy clutch lever which can get cumbersome in bumper to bumper traffic. The steering is light though.

Volkswagen Ameo Ride & Handling

Suspension setup is on the firmer side, but that doesn’t really translate to a harsh ride. Volkswagen seems to have perfected the balance between ride and handling rather well here. It likes to soak in bumps well, though ride quality isn’t exactly cushy. That said, undulations aren’t really transmitted to occupants, and the Ameo offers a rather good ride on most surfaces. What’s more, its compact dimensions mean driving or manoeuvring the Ameo around tight spots isn’t much of an ask, and to make your task easier you’ve got the convenience of a reverse camera and rear parking sensors. Add to that a steering that’s light at low speeds and you have a car that’s easy to negotiate most of your mundane stuff like parking slots in malls and city traffic with ease.Check car loan for Volkswagen Ameo at Fincarz.

Volkswagen are known to be sporty, precise handlers and the Ameo isn’t any different. I like the feel and feedback from the steering – there’s a sense of accuracy and the wheel even weighs up slightly as you build speeds. The firmness of the suspension aids handling well too, as do the MRF ZVTV tyres. That said I would have loved to see the Ameo get the 16-inch tyres we saw on the car displayed at the Auto Expo instead of the 15-inchers our test car had. The car does offer a predictable feel around corners and is sure footed even when pushed hard, which should help it find favour with the younger lot of buyers. The brakes offer good retardation, and hauling the Ameo down from speeds is easy. Likeable behaviour on the whole from what is supposed to be a rather inexpensive three-box saloon.

Volkswagen Ameo Braking & Safety

Volkswagen Ameo 2016 features ABS as a standard across all variants along with dual front airbags. The Hill Hold Control and front fog lamps are featured in the Comfortline and Highline variants, whereas the rear fog lamps are available across all Volkswagen Ameo variants. The top-end variant, Highline, also features rear defogger, front fog lamps with static cornering lights and an auto-dimming interior rear view mirror. The front wheels have disc brakes to give the car that extra power so that one can handle the car well even in tough situations with ease.

Volkswagen Ameo Price in New Delhi

Volkswagen Ameo On Road Price is 8,41,911/- and Ex-showroom Price is 7,00,000/- in New Delhi. Volkswagen Ameo comes in 5 colours, namely Blue Slik,Candy White,Carbon Steel,Riflex Silver,Toffee Brown. Volkswagen Ameo comes with FWD with 1498 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 108 bhp@4000 rpm and Peak Torque 250 Nm@1500-3000 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at N/A . Volkswagen Ameo comes with Manual Transmission with FWD .

Volkswagen Ameo Verdict

We have to talk about the price first because Volkswagen has really knocked it out of the park this time. Bucking its own trend of premium pricing, the Ameo costs Rs 5.24-7.06 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), which makes it one of the more affordable cars in the class! And that’s all the more impressive when you see how much has been crammed into it. Then you factor in what has always earned VW its premium positioning – solid German build quality – and that’s still there too. In fact, the places where costs have been cut are few and far between. Where it stumbles is the engine; the 1.2 MPI feels past its prime and doesn’t have the performance or refinement of its competitors. The other area is practicality – whereas the Polo is a self-drive car, the Ameo is meant for families, and the rear seat and boot space should really have been better to properly fulfil this role. What it is though, is an incredible and unexpected value proposition that stands out for being solidly built and well equipped. It might just be worthwhile waiting for the diesel version that hits showrooms in the holiday season.

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